Jerry Paterson
General Land Office Commissioner

AUSTIN, TX, February 9, 2010­ — The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the addition of Texas General Land Office Commissioner Jerry Patterson as the lunchtime keynote speaker for the upcoming Cleanovation Conference scheduled for February 22, 2010 at the Austin Hilton Hotel.

Commissioner Patterson, a native of Houston and local Austin resident, is working to make sure that Texas builds on its century of energy leadership to remain the No. 1 state in all aspects of energy development including research, manufacturing, and innovation. He leads Renewable Energy programs at the agency that include wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, ocean, and alternative transportation fuels initiatives.

“We are thrilled Commissioner Patterson has agreed to participate in our conference“, states Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce President, Greg Yavner. “With an Israeli delegation of over 25 companies (headed by Israel’s Chief Scientist and UT graduate Chief Scientist Eli Opper), we’re very happy they will hear directly from a local Texas government official involved in cleantech“, he continues. “Texas has a lot to offer Israeli-based organizations from a strategic perspective, and the Commissioners participation will help reinforce the government’s committment to cleantech and commerce.”

As State Senator for District 11 (Harris, Galveston, Brazoria), Patterson’s major legislative successes include passage of the historic concealed handgun law, a constitutional amendment allowing home equity lending, the state coastal management plan and the creation of the Texas State Veterans Home Program. A tireless advocate for his fellow veterans, he chaired the first Veterans Affairs committee in the Texas Senate of war.